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Bedgrove Infant School


Ingram Avenue
HP21 9DJ

Key Contacts

Chair of Governors:

Mrs R Albrighton – governors@bedgroveinfant.co.uk


Miss J Lawrence – Office@bedgroveinfant.co.uk

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs L Sim – Office@bedgroveinfant.co.uk


Miss E Grant senco@bedgroveinfant.co.uk

Office Staff:

Miss N Gurney and Miss R Ludlow Office@bedgroveinfant.co.uk

School Meals:

Mrs L Highway – lunches@bedgroveinfant.co.uk

 Contacting us by telephone

Telephone menu:

  1. Option 1: Report a child absent
  2. Option 2: Speak to the School Office
  3. Option 3: Speak to the Finance team

The School Office is open from 8.30am to 4.00pm each school day.

Phone calls recorded

The school has an automatic telephone recording system which has the functionality to record phone calls made to or from the school using external lines. External callers will receive an automated message informing them of this fact. Parents/carers have been informed of this recording system through the newsletter. The school is able to access such calls using the telephone management system. The system does not record internal phone calls.

Access to recorded calls

It is expected that access to calls will only be made under exceptional circumstances. Only a restricted number of staff will have access to the recording system and thus calls made. Relevant staff will have to obtain permission from senior school staff to access such calls. Details of access to calls will be kept along with the reason for access, which will principally be for staff training or security/safety purposes. Monitoring systems will be put in place in order to ensure the system is used securely and that confidentiality is maintained. Copies of calls will not be made without the permission of the Head Teacher.

To contact our School Secretary, Office Administrator, Business Manager, or for general enquiries please email: office@bedgroveinfant.co.uk

Disabled Access to the School

Bedgrove Infant is committed to inclusive mainstream education and equal opportunities for all.  Since September 2002 the Disability Discrimination Act laid a new duty on schools to plan to improve accessibility over time.  In particular we must plan for:

  • Increasing access for disabled pupils to the School curriculum. This covers teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the school such as participation in after-school clubs, leisure and cultural activities or school visits.
  • Improving access to the physical environment of schools.  This covers improvements to the physical environment of the school and physical aids to access education.
  • Improving the delivery of written information to disabled pupils. This will include planning to make written information that is normally provided by the school to its pupils available to disabled pupils.  Examples might include handouts, timetables, textbooks and information about school events.  The information should take account of pupils’ disabilities and pupils’ and parents’ preferred formats and be made available within a reasonable time frame.

The Governors has undertaken a review of the access issues of the school and a full committee discussed the needs for an accessibility plan.  Reasonable changes for the increased accessibility of current and planned future pupils will be prioritised.

We have ramps to access doors and rooms if needed for parent and visitor access. Please get in touch in advance to arrange.

Parent and visitor access

We strive to ensure all parents and visitors can access the site to fully participate in school life. If you require special assistance the office staff are trained to help you. We have a wider car parking space inside the staff carpark, seating in reception, disabled toilet facilities and are able reserve space/seats at all our events. Please contact the school office on 01296 481353 or speak to them in person and they will be happy to assist you.

Our school site is one storey and is wheel chair accessible.

Visiting us?

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Parking arrangements

There is a car park on site for staff and visitors. This needs to be pre-booked and entry via a barrier is required.

Parents and carers need to find a space outside the school. Parking is very restricted around the immediate school site. We ask that parents/carers do not use the staff car park and that visitors refrain from doing so where possible. If you are coming to our school please refrain from driving down or parking in the slip road leading up to the school. This is for reasons of safety to the children and parents accessing the school entrance. There is ample parking in the local roads around the school. Please be considerate to our local residents when parking nearby to the school.

Please note that the school car park is reserved for staff, educational visitors and contractors only, between the hours of 7.00am and 4.30pm. There is a disabled parking bay immediately outside the main entrance door for any parent who has a blue badge. If there are specific circumstances for parents/carers, that necessitate vehicular access to the school at any time, then please call in and speak to the office staff who will inform the site manager. He will consider the circumstances and if applicable, issue a parking permit.

No private cars or taxis should come into the car park during the school day for both safety and security reasons.

Thank you.

Bedgrove Infant School

Address: Ingram Avenue, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 9DJ

Telephone: 01296 481353   

Email: office@bedgroveinfant.co.uk