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PE & Sport Premium

Physical education is about providing children with a movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity, enabling them to become competent and confident physical movers. All children are entitled to benefit from the enjoyment of a broad and balanced PE curriculum that will extend their knowledge, physical skills and attitudes in a positive manner irrespective of race, gender, or level of ability.

Our objective is to put children at the heart of PE learning by:

  • Supporting learning PE in the same way as other curriculum subjects
  • Focusing on the development of physical literacy which enables children to grow in self-realisation, self – confidence and positive self -esteem.
  • Recognising a child’s diverse needs (physical, cognitive, social, creative, health and emotional) as the focus of learning in P.E
  • Ensuring that learning experiences build on children’s previous achievements so that they can make progress according to their abilities and learn to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Providing children with access to a broad range of movement contexts and resources both indoors and outdoors and individually and with others that enable them to engage in purposeful, competitive and co-operative physical activities in a range of increasingly challenging situations
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Evidencing the impact of the primary PE and Sport Premium

2022 - 2023