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What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 to provide additional support for Looked After children (LAC) and those from low income families, including those eligible for free school meals either currently or within the last 6 years (FSM). The Service Child (SC) premium is a strand of the Pupil Premium paid to schools for those pupils whose parents are in the armed forces. The Government have recently introduced an Early Years Pupil Premium for children who are not yet statutory school age (EYPP).

Once a family is deemed as no longer eligible for Pupil Premium funding the children continue to receive money for 6 years after this date (Ever 6). Once a family leaves the Services, the children are in receipt of Services Premium funding for a further 4 years (Ever 4).

The funding is used to help narrow the attainment gap that still exists between pupils from disadvantaged and more affluent backgrounds. The school decides where and how to best use this funding in response to the needs of the children, whilst being held to account for these decisions.

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Pupil Premium Statement


Pupil Premium at Bedgrove

Bedgrove Infant School has consulted with a range of stakeholders to gain an insight into the barriers that may cause the perceived ‘gap’ for some children who are not achieving as well as their peers.

The key issues raised were; language barriers, parental engagement, aspiration and learning potential.

The individual context and demographics of our school has been taken into account when considering how to both acknowledge and address these potential issues/barriers.

The school has identified that some of these children do not present with any gaps in their academic attainment compared with their peers, whilst other children, who not in receipt of funding, are not achieving as well they could be.

Following a meeting with Lara Virgo, Bucks Learning Trust Excellence in Education Advisor, who conducted an audit of our current provision for Pupil Premium children, it was decided that the school would send the County PP funding information and application forms to every parent. We wanted to inform all families of this Government funding that could be accessible to their children to support them at school. There could be some families who were unaware of the criteria to qualify or who do not understand the advantages of receiving this funding. This may identify additional children who would benefit from our support, as well as bring in extra monies to the school to develop our provision and impact on the quality of teaching and learning.

The Governors have agreed that the funding received into school, for our Pupil Premium children, can be allocated to staffing and resources to support all children with potential barriers to learning so that the school can endeavour to close all gaps, for any child.

What are the School’s Principles regarding teaching and learning and Pupil Premium funding?

The school ensures that:

  • All teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all children
  • Appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to vulnerable groups, including those who are recognised as socially disadvantaged
  • It is understood that not all children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding are socially disadvantaged
  • It is understood that not all children who are socially disadvantaged may be registered or qualify for Pupil Premium funding
  • Pupil Premium funding is allocated to support any children in narrowing their gaps in attainment and may not be spent solely on the child/children who are registered as Pupil Premium children

Pupil Premium provision is reviewed each term with a report shared and discussed at Governor meetings.