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Curriculum Overview

To meet the requirements set out in the Department for Education’s National Curriculum, we choose topics based on this document to ensure we cover the objectives for each year group, address the interests and needs of the children in each cohort and incorporate the core values of our school, supporting us in meeting our vision:

Every child will have the confidence, self-belief and resilience to embrace challenges and strive to achieve all aspirations. Every child will have empathy and compassion for all those around them, developing the foundations needed to become a responsible and respectful member of the community and the wider world.

Key Stage 1 Curriculum


Our shared aim is to challenge all pupils to reach their full potential; instilling the foundations of education through a stimulating and purposeful environment which promotes the movement of knowledge into long-term memory. We will be consistent throughout the school in guaranteeing our pupils the opportunity to learn about a wide range of areas (not just core subjects) and will be aware of individual needs that need to be addressed. We will ensure each child has the opportunity to cover all aspects of our curriculum regardless of their background or any barriers they may have to learning.


Teachers will meet before the beginning of each academic year to decide what they will be teaching, when in the year they will be teaching it and why they have chosen that specific area of learning. This will be a school wide approach so that all teachers are aware of what is happening across the whole school, and are able to ensure there is an exciting variety of topics which lead from one year to the next coherently (schematic available for visual prompt/aid). 

Teachers across the school will be allocated one of the four main key areas of our curriculum: Knowledge, Skills, Progress and Behaviours for learning. In support of good communication throughout the school, there will be at least one teacher from each year group in each of the new teams who will be responsible for representing their year group and also giving feedback to them when required to do so. Teachers will be given key points of discussion within their area but will have the flexibility to take the discussions where they see fit. 

Within the annual meetings and more regular team meetings, teachers will discuss cross curricular links that can be made, which need to have relevance to our cohort of pupils and have meaningful associations. We will share information across year groups to ensure we take every opportunity to form links and close any gaps that become apparent. 

Our success is in the consistency of our implementation across all year groups and in each classroom. Working in a collaborative environment means that we will be well informed of the occurrences in every classroom. Each teacher will send a consistent message to pupils in regards to Knowledge, Skills, Progress and Behaviours for learning. The consistency will be in the message but all teachers will have the flexibility to use the best strategies for their pupils in order to maintain our understanding that each and every child is different and they potentially learn in different ways.


We will assess impact through a number of different channels to ensure we are capturing as much information as possible. This will help to determine how much of an influence our curriculum strategy is having on our pupils.

The curriculum teams will be used to assess how effective each year group has been in developing the four new areas. Each time they meet they will discuss how each year group is performing based on specific action points. These can be developed as improvements and consistency are seen around the school. 

Both internal and external moderation will continue to be developed throughout the school. We aim to build relationships with other local Primary Schools who can work with us to ensure we all remain consistent in our approach to assessment. Teachers within the school will undertake formal internal moderation at regular intervals throughout the year.

Every teacher at our school is a leader and therefore we will all be leading on the assessment of the impact we are having on our pupils. The SLT will oversee this and assess via a number of different avenues such as books, lessons, assessment data and perhaps most importantly; conversations with our pupils.

Curriculum Subjects

We have comprehensively reviewed each of our subjects to ensure we are covering all the relevant National Curriculum objectives whilst meeting the needs and interests of our children. We have created ‘Big Pictures’ for each subject to show what we cover, why and how we will teach aspects and how cultural capital is incorporated within our provision.

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