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Our Vision & Values

Our School Vision

Every child will have the confidence, self-belief and resilience to embrace challenges and strive to achieve all aspirations.

Every child will have empathy and compassion for all those around them, developing the foundations needed to become a responsible and respectful member of the community and the wider world.

Bedgrove Infant School Vision info graphic

Our ‘Proud to be Purple’ Tree

Teacher reading a book to two children

Using the book The World Needs More Purple People, by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart, as our inspiration, we have decided on 5 key things that both the children and adults at BIS can do to show they are P2bP. These are:

Be Professional
Be Positive
Be Powerful
Have Pride
Have Perseverance

These have been displayed on a tree, with leaves showing three areas to help us break down these abstract ideas to help them understand them. The children discuss these in their classes so the they know what is expected of them, as relevant to their age and understanding. We also discuss these with all staff too, as we expected them to adhere to them also, as role models.

Diagram of BIS Purple Tree

Be Professional

Presentation – look smart in your uniform and how you act- how to sit on the carpet, how to line up silent, straight and still
Punctual – to be in school on time, to be where you should be on time
Polite – remember your manners, speak kindly to others

Be Positive

Happy – think happy thoughts, smile, help others to do this too
Caring – look after others
Reflective – think about why something did not go well and try to find the good things from it and learn from what did not

Be Powerful

Confidence – be confident in what you can do to help you get even better
Passion – develop a joy for learning
Self-worth – realise how special and good you are and what you are capable of

Have Pride

Aspiration – set goals for yourself to achieve- you can do it! 

Respect– understand differences and similarities with others and respect these 

Empathy– understand how someone is feeling 

Have Perseverance

Determination – don’t give up- you can do it 
Resilience – keep trying even if you fail or find it really difficult 
Challenge – accept challenges as these will help you to learn and develop  

We Believe...

At Bedgrove Infant School we believe that everyone can succeed. We believe in developing the whole child and we strive to enrich and nurture their individual talents and needs. We believe that, if you believe in yourself and others, anything is possible.
A nursery boy all messy with foam rubbing his hands
Young girl jumping over cones in playground
Two boys chatting whilst eating their lunch
School cook smiling and passing food to a child
Three children on indoor hall climbing frame

We Inspire...

The children inspire us to strive to achieve our best, so that we can inspire them to reach their full potential. We inspire through our teaching, environments and provision so children become well-rounded individuals. We want to inspire a life-long love of learning in the children, staff and community.

A young girl painting some tulips at a desk in a classroom
Teacher and boy pointing to a green circle rubber mat with an e on it
A young girl painting some tulips at a desk in a classroom
Teacher doing a maths lesson and children on carpet some with hands up
A girl holding a string ball of wool at a classroom desk

We Shine...

Bedgrove children, staff and community members endeavour to support children to shine and be the best they can. Our children will shine with confidence and self-awareness to light the path for a bright and successful future.